Hans Zimmer composed Netflix’s new cinematic intro: Here’s how it sounds


Can I just intro this article with “holy crap”? This might have just been one of the most unexpected yet needed news of the week. Anyway, if you’ve been diving into Netflix during the pandemic or you’re just familiar with Netflix either way––you know the iconic ‘ta-dum’ sound during the intro of each and every series and film you’ve watched in the platform.

However epic it is and minimal, Netflix decided to take it up a notch and give us one of the most cinematic intros to date. The streaming giant has commissioned legendary composer Hans Zimmer who is responsible for the scores of InceptionGladiatorNo Time To Die, and even The Lion King. The list goes on, yes, but those four movies can back this man’s resume any day of the week. Zimmer was instructed to compose a cinematic alternative to the ‘ta-dum’––and boy did he deliver.

Just listen to the masterpiece here:


The new (and possibly even better) version of the iconic intro is aimed to make Netflix Originals and more to become viable for the cinematic experience. Remember when Marvel changed their cinematic introduction when the Avengers came out? It brings the hype and feels into play––bringing goosebumps all over your body.

With the current pandemic and closures of both cinema and production, Netflix has truly risen to the occasion as they submit their own productions and titles for consideration at the Oscars.

But truly, we’re all here to enjoy the new cinematic intro––and so we shall. Here are some of the fans’ reactions to the beautiful art of Hans Zimmer himself:


This Spongebob meme never fails to entertain. But yes, we totally agree that Hans guy… he never misses.

Imagine Hans making the score for your life. I think it’s everybody’s dream to enter a grocery store with music by Hans playing as you get your everyday cereal.


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