Harry Jowsey on his feature in Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’

Don’t know about you but Too Hot To Handle is breaking the internet right now! People seem to really be loving these types of shows, am I right?

And for a show that gets a lot of attention, you’d think that news gets harder and harder to come by––but no. This time, it’s because of Heartbreak Islands‘ first season winner Harry Jowsey as he will be appearing on Netflix’s new reality show.

The show boasts of 10 hot singletons from all around the globe to come together in paradise. However, these lovers of casual hook-ups are sadly put in the no-bone zone. Once you hook-up with one of your fellow hotties, your $100,00 dwindles down bit by bit.

Jowsey tells Spy:

“The show is kind of crazy, we get put in paradise where we are surrounded by gorgeous people and the opportunity to win $100,000. However, we aren’t allowed to kiss, spoon, have sex or any self-gratification.”

“As you can imagine this gets super-heated and money is spent causing drama and chaos within the retreat. Mind you, when I found out about the rules I cried … I don’t want to give away too much as it is all available to binge-watch on Netflix right now.”

Jowsey and his Heartbreak Island co-star and best mate Kristian Barbarich are in lockdown in their adopted home of Los Angeles.

“We have definitely considered heading back to the homeland, however the fear of potentially catching coronavirus and in turn passing it on to anyone at home has made us stay put and indoors. I think we will be on day 38 of quarantine once this is released,” he says.

“I think the lockdown is hard for everyone, however we are very blessed and I cannot complain about our situation as I know there are plenty of families going through extreme hardship right now.”

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