Netflix, Chill and Trip: Streamer to release a film with a star-studded cast about tripping

“I don’t think psychedelics are the answers to the world’s problems,” as Sting likes to say in the trailer for Netflix’s new documentary about “tripping” entitled Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics. “But they could be a start,” he continues.

It’s an interesting film, to say the least, as it targets not only what psychedelics play in the body but also its history alongside a couple of stories from your favorite personalities. In this film, Netflix takes a deep look into the impact of hallucinogens and their unexpected roles in treating mental health.

The film will be featuring a pretty star-studded cast of all types and genres from Anthony Bourdain to Carrie Fisher to even Ben Stiller to talk about their personal experiences with acids or mushrooms. The film also boasts of Nick Offerman narrating and playing the “mad scientist” as the celebrities are reenacted into animations where their deepest stories about the drug come to life.

Katie Shapiro of Forbes actually conducted an interview with the maker of the show Donick Cary and when asked why he tackled such a subject as tripping, this is what he had to reply:

“A serendipitous encounter on Nantucket Island at the Nantucket Film Festival 11 years ago with Ben Stiller and Fisher Stevens. We were all sharing stories about hallucinogens…funny, crazy, scary, enlightening…and I thought “hey it’d be cool if a whole bunch of people told these kind of stories and then we could bring them to life with animation and re-enactments.” Seemed like a fun version of a movie — kind of like a long extended dinner party where everyone shares what their brain revealed to them when they took hallucinogens. Unlike Drunk History — which is drunk people trying to tell stories…. we ended up with very sober people reflecting on what they learned —sharing the good and bad, the mistakes and revelations.”

Trailer here:

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