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HBO to team with Leaving Neverland’s Dan Reed for a new documentary

If not the most successful HBO documentary, ‘Leaving Neverland’ has, at least, been the most controversial, by far. Hey, all publicity is good publicity. It seemed logical that HBO continued its partnership with Dan Reed, the man behind Leaving Neverland in a new documentary.

It will be an association between HBO and the BBC to produce ‘Superbug,’ a documentary about antibiotics, that goes about “how humanity gained a wonder cure — antibiotics — the guarantor of modern medicine, and now has almost lost it,” also, the film we have scripted recreations that “will offer the opportunity for Hollywood talent to be involved with the project.”

The documentary will be somewhere between 110 and 120 minutes long. The networks are not describing it as a typical docufilm but as a “cinematic hybrid documentary and scripted film” that will “unravel the story of how this happened and what it means for the future of humankind.”

Ken Media Distribution will distribute the documentary internationally. They were in charge of the distribution of ‘Leaving Neverland,’ too. It will premiere on HBO and BBC somewhere in 2021.

“Superbug will tell an important story that will make viewers question their relationship with modern medicine while sweeping them up into an immersive journey like no other,” said Reed in a statement. “Superbug will feel like an epic, entertaining movie, using the full arsenal of screen storytelling: movie-grade computer-generated imagery, scripted drama and cinematography, and an orchestral musical score alongside classical documentary techniques with all the truth, intimacy, immediacy and sense of engagement that they deliver. The CGI will be immersive and photo-real, a journey into a never-before-seen landscape populated by extraordinary living things.”

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