HBO Go, HBO Max, and HBO Now, What’s the Difference?

Big companies are starting to jump on the streaming bandwagon, and HBO is one of the newest to do so with HBO Max. This doesn’t come as a surprise, especially since we see Apply TV+, Disney+, and Quibi all rolling out and doing well. Of course, with this new streaming service means some of our favorites coming back to a screen near us exclusively on HBO Max, I’m looking at you Friends.

With that being said you might be left scratching your head though. We already have a few HBO options and you now might be wondering, what the heck is the difference between HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max. Let’s break it down so you can see what each service is bringing to you and what you’ll get the most out of.

HBO Go: With HBO Go you get a streaming app with on-demand versions of what you see on HBO. It has all the original programs, plus a long list of feature films that is constantly changing. These shows and movies almost instantly hit the streaming platform when they come onto HBO, so there isn’t a huge waiting time. You’ll also be able to gain access to their library of original series, including favorites like The Sopranos and Barry.

But you cannot buy or subscribe to HBO Go unless you have HBO with your cable or satellite package. It is a free service to those who already subscribe, and you sign in with your cable credentials. HBO Go will only live on for a little while longer though. HBO is getting rid of the service come July 31 and recommending users switch over to HBO Max.

HBO Now: Let’s say you really want to watch HBO and all the wonderful series, but you don’t have a cable package, that’s where HBO Now comes in. It is essentially the same thing as HBO Go, just for people who don’t have cable. HBO created HBO Now in 2015 after consumers started cancelling their cable services. The service cost $14.99/month and you can download the app to your devices.

As on June 12th, HBO got rid of the “now” portion and today it is known as just HBO.

HBO Max: HBO is marketing HBO Max as “HBO and so much more.” The newest app includes all the same things you get with HBO Go and HBO Now, but there is also a button your can now click that will show you extra stuff that WarnerMedia included so they can get more out of the consumer. HBO Max includes classic movies and television shows, plus kids programming, and original series that aren’t on HBO.

You’ll get all your original series and feature films with Max, plus they’ve added hundreds of movies and some well know TV shoes like Friends, The Fresh Price of Bel-Air, and The Big Bang Theory. Fans of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings can rejoice since both franchises can be watched with HBO Max, and soon enough every Batman and Superman movie since 1980 will also be on there. HBO Max will also be creating their own original series and by the end of 2020 there is expected to be around 30 or more shows. HBO Max cost $14.99/month.

Now if you’re wondering what the difference is between Max and Now, there isn’t one. If you originally had the HBO Now app downloaded, then it should have updated to HBO Max by now. Currently these platforms are only available in America, but there are plans to spread it globally.

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