HBO Max released the trailer for the documentary series ‘Expecting Amy’

Amy Schumer’s life has been a roller coaster from the beginning, and now it’s time to see if everything she’s been through has prepared her for her new challenge: to be a mother. That’s what HBO Max’s new documentary series ‘Expecting Amy’ is all about. A three-episode series that will premiere on July 9 for all subscribers to HBO’s new streaming platform.


The show lets us see the life of comedian Amy Schumer as she manages to balance her comedy career and her new life as a pregnant woman and mother-to-be. We’ll also see very personal moments and complications, including unwanted hospital visits and personal crises, where Amy debates between her career and her role as a mother.

Here’s the official synopsis, so you know what to expect from one of HBO Max’s upcoming official releases:

‘Expecting Amy’ takes viewers behind the scenes of Schumer’s life as she goes through a difficult pregnancy while working on a new comedy special. While she’s waiting for her baby, Amy continues to prepare for a show in Chicago that she’s not sure she’ll be able to get to in good shape.

From hospitalizations and appearances in front of crowds of thousands of people to intimate moments with her family, the documentary series will show us an Amy Schumer that we have never had the opportunity to meet before. The comedian shares everything from the day she discovered she was pregnant to the birth of her baby.

The documentary series is produced by Schumer herself. It will be directed and edited by Alexander Hammer, who we know from his extraordinary work on ‘Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé.’



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