HBO Max preparing three shows with J.J. Abrams

In a press release, Kevin Reilly, HBO Max’s content director, confirmed what many were already rumoring: J.J. Abrams (Bad Robot Productions) is working on three original series for the streaming service that will be released in May.

This partnership between Abrams and HBO Max includes three series, all of which are promising. Let’s take a look at them:

First, we have “Overlook,” which is a horror and suspense series inspired by the Overlook Hotel’s characters that Stephen King and Stanely Kubrick made famous in The Shining. Can you imagine the endless possibilities this spin-off gives to the most iconic haunted hotel in pop culture?

We continue with “Duster“. In this case, it’s an entirely original series that focuses on a driver who helps criminals to escape when necessary. It’s set in 1970 and written by Abrams and LaToya Morgan.

The last one of the three will also thrill you a ton. This show doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s a production based on the DC Comics characters, more specifically Justice League Dark. There’s still a lot of secrecy about the series, its plot, and cast. But we certainly have a right to be excited knowing that behind it is the HBO machine and the talent of J.J. Abrams. We hope that Abrams does justice to the DC Universe, which hasn’t seen much success on the big screen, nor in series.

So far there are no confirmed casts for any of the three productions, let alone release dates. We have to wait for the productions to move forward from the initial phase to have more details, so we’ll be watching.

I must confess that I’m most excited by “Overlook” because I’m both a Stanley Kubrick and Stephen King fan. What’s the new J.J. Abrams show you’re expecting the most?

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