HBO Max renewed ‘Love Life’ for season 2

The first original HBO Max series passed the test and touched the hearts of the audience. That’s why HBO officially announced that ‘Love Life’ will have a second season.

It’s not unusual for the first original series on a new platform to get a renewal for a second season, because otherwise, it would convey a massive sense of failure. But even so, we are sure that HBO Max has made it official that it is renewing ‘Love Life’ for a second season not only to maintain its image but also because the series truly conquered the audience with a more than exploited genre: romance.

That’s merit, right there.

And as was said when the project was first announced, the series will continue as an anthology that tells one story per season. The first has told Darby’s love story, the character of Anna Kendrick, and the second will show a new journey. Specifically, the journey of a person who has thought he knew who his soul mate was during all his life, but when it comes to living together and getting married, he discovers that they don’t fit in at all.

For the moment, nothing more has been revealed about the identity of the main character, but we do know that season 2 of ‘Love Life’ will be set again in New York and that Darby will occasionally appear even though she is no longer the main character. Kevin Reilly, head of content at HBO Max, has pointed out how gratifying it is that the series has become “an immediate success.”

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