HBO Max to reboot 80’s ‘Head of the Class’

HBO Max ordered a pilot episode and 5 additional scripts for a reboot of Head of the Class, a 30-minute episode comedy based on the popular 1986 series that aired on ABC. Amy Pocha and Seth Cohen (American Vandal), Steven Cragg and Brian Bradley (Uncle Buck) will be involved in the project.

The reboot of Head of the Class will be written by Pocha and Cohen. The script will be based on the original series created by Michael Elias and Rich Eustis. This series will focus on a group of successful high school students who are facing their biggest challenge: a teacher who wants them to focus less on grades and more on living life.

In addition to writing the script, Pocha and Cohen will also be in executive production. They will be co-showrunners with Cragg and Bradley.

There are still no clues as to who might play our teen group or the Millard Fillmore High School teacher.

Pocha and Cohen already have TV experience. In fact, this isn’t the first sitcom they’ve adapted to the new times. The screenwriting duo tried their luck with a reboot of a 1980 sitcom called Uncle Buck, which aired for an entire season on ABC.

HBO Max shuffles his cards carefully when it comes to adapting WBTV titles, so there’s a reason he chose Head of the Class over other alternatives. Besides this title, they have a new Gossip Girl series and an ALF reboot in the works.

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