Succession Season 2 Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

There is merely a month remaining until the second season of HBO’s Succession returns and I am beyond excited. The way season one ended was shocking to say the least and I think we will be in for a treat come August 11th.


All of our favorites from season one will be returning to portray their characters within the Roy family, but it looks like there will be some additions that could add some interesting dynamics among the characters. It looks like we have both Holly Hunter (The Piano, Incredibles 2, The Big Sick) and Cherry Jones (Signs, The Village, Oceans 12) joining the cast as members of an opposing conglomerate who also happen to be seeking possession of the entire media market. Hunter will play the role of Rhea Jarell, who will be the CEO of what appears to be the rival company for the Roy’s in season two. Jones will be playing someone else within the rivaling firm, but from what I can tell it is still unsure what or how involved her character will actually be. There are also some other fresh faces in the trailers but it also remains to be seen how important those characters will actually turn out. I guess we’ll just need to patiently wait until August 11th to find out.


The plot for this season hasn’t been fully revealed yet, which makes sense because then why would anyone watch the show. But, from all of the trailers I would think there’s a strong chance this seasons main focus is the purchasing, or destroying, of the Roy’s competing conglomerate run by Hunter. I also believe we will see a lot more of Shiv this season and that she may come out as the new favorite to follow her father’s footsteps as head of the Roy’s company. There will also be a lot of Kendall as well due to the fact that he was involved with the death of that guy at the end of last season. I am very interested to see how that whole situation plays out over the second season and if Kendall or Logan will tell any of the family what happened that night. Along with all of this im sure we will get bombarded with more of Logan pushing his family to the brink of destruction while being just a massive dick to his children.

Rumors and Potentials

HBO typically does a pretty good job at keeping their shows details on lock down before the season begins so outside of what is in the trailers the second season is basically all still up to interpretation. But one thing that has been talked about by Jesse Armstrong, the showrunner for Succession, is the fact that this season we will see a lot more of the Roy’s traveling to other extravagant locations. He mentions they will be visiting Hungary for a corporate retreat, a Hamptons spread of Logans that we have not yet seen, and that we will be immersed in “kind of a Davos-slash-Sun Valley kind of media conference”. I’m not 100% sure what exactly that means or will look like, but I know it’s piqued my interest quite a bit. One of the other things brought up in an interview with the mastermind behind this show was about Connor and his announcement that he was going to run for president. I found it very intriguing how he responded. He was asked if it was a joke or not on his/the writers behalf, and he responded with the following, “Well, you know, I think the family has the same question — I don’t think he [Connor] sees himself as a joke. I think you’ll be intrigued to see where he goes.” He was also asked in the same interview about never really having to worry about running out of things for the characters to argue over. Armstrong responded by basically saying he didn’t want the show to go on forever, but that they certainly have not run out of ideas for how the show’s plot could eventually lead up to its title. With that being said I can imagine at least one more season after the second, but I’m hoping we get two more before Succession concludes.

Be sure to tune in to Succession on August 11th at 9:00 PM ET to see how the new season kicks off. If anyone else has any good theories on what they think will become of the Roy’s in season two I would love to hear them, so don’t be afraid to comment below!

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