HBO’s Euphoria: A Feeling of Excitement You Won’t Want to Miss

Warning: This post will contain spoilers. Read at your own risk!

HBO never ceases to amaze me with the shows they put out. We started off just before summer officially began when Game of Thrones tugged on our heart strings. Then they dropped Chernobyl and shocked the world with the amazing depiction of the horrific events that occurred in the nuclear catastrophe of 80’s. And then all mayhem broke loose… Big Little Lies, Los Espookys, and Euphoria all released in June. Big Little Lies was one of my most underrated shows of last year, and even though I haven’t started Los Espookys yet I do plan on setting some time aside for a binge of that as well. Yet the last show on that list of June releases has been blowing my mind for the last month. Euphoria is a spectacular show, and even though the premise of the whole thing is strange and somewhat messed up, it still is a must watch.

The first thing that reeled me in was the soundtrack. Almost immediately music is playing, and whoever chose the songs for this show deserves an award this instant because I was immediately brought back to the end of high school/beginning of college. I think they absolutely nail the generation they are attempting to illustrate to us as well. I wasn’t sure if it was the outfits, the excessive partying, or the mass amounts of vape pens being used, but I was dying at how accurate this is. Now the partying and sexual aspect of the show may be just a bit over the top, but I mean come on… it HBO, of course they’re going to go over the top to make the show that much more addictive.

Speaking of addiction, another thing I think this show does masterfully is show just how hard it can be for someone to overcome that battle of constantly wanting to use. With that they also do an incredible job of putting things in that urge people not to use, but it all still ties back to the fact that addiction is a serious issue. With that being said I want to jump into Rue’s character and how Zendaya is in my eyes the absolute perfect character for this role. She has just the right amount of edge mixed with the casual stoner look for her role, and I think that it’s a nice next step for her as she leaves the Disney universe behind.

I also absolutely love Fezco too. He is another one that is absolutely slaying his role, and the funny thing is the character he plays is literally at every high school across America. I remember at least two kids back from my high school days who dressed, talked, and even looked a little like Fezco and it is mind blowing how good of a job HBO has done representing these characters. I am still not sure how I feel about Jules though. I think her character is a bit extra, but I cannot wait to see what happens between her, Nate, and Mr. Jacobs (Nates father) later on in this season. Also, fun fact: Drake is an executive producer of this show. Drake is one of my favorite artists of all time, so when I heard he was a part of this project I knew I had to watch.

Through the first third of the season, I am thoroughly impressed with Euphoria and absolutely cannot wait for the final five episodes. I think what is about to unfold may be some of the greatest television of the summer in all honesty. So whatever you have planned to watch next should be pushed aside, because Euphoria is coming and you won’t want to miss it.

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