Here’s everything we know about ‘Goliath’ Season 4 so far

As you may know, Goliath is a dramatic-legal show that was one of the first handful of Amazon Prime Video’s original shows. The series has left many fans waiting for a fourth season since October last year, and fortunately, they didn’t make them wait long: in November 2019, Amazon confirmed that the series would have a season 4. However, we’ll say farewell to the Billy Bob Thornton-led show after this last season.

Goliath is one of the most popular shows on Amazon’s streaming platform. It received an 82% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has an 8.2/10 score on IMDb, so it’s not surprising that Amazon extended a show for one last season.

The only issue is we don’t have an official release date yet. Guessing from the release dates of the three previous seasons, the next season could be released around October this year. However, that is counting on the unlikely scenario that the production wasn’t affected due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

What we know is that the cast of the series is expected to return without any losses for this fourth season. And also, apart from the usual cast, Amazon announced they would have new characters in this fourth season of Goliath, but the streamer has kept us in the dark. No names have been revealed yet, so we need to wait a bit to know what stars are joining the project.

Also the show will join ‘The Man on the High Castle’ among the first few successful Amazon Prime Video shows to reach a natural end without cancellation. Here’s hoping Season 4 will blow our heads!

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