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‘His House’: Meet the Director Behind One of the Best Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix



If you’re one of the people who watched the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, you came out with a couple of favorites like The Forty-Year-Old Version, but hopefully included in that list is His House. However, no matter how many people liked it, one thing’s for sure: Netflix loved it. The streaming giant swooped in as fast as they could to scoop it for a release on 30th of October, 2020. 

With a brilliant performance from the cast comes an equally brilliant first-time feature director named Remi Weekes

Who is Remi Weekes?

For starters, Remi Weekes is a British director and screenwriter whose commercial campaigns garnered a handful of awards during the Cannes Advertising Festival as well as exhibitions worldwide from the Guggenheim Museum to the British Film Institute. With such a great background in the advertising community for his talents with the camera or in post, Weeke’s elements have garnered applause.

Weekes has, indeed, been credited for his work on screenwriting for His House. However, the idea did start with Felicity Evans and Tony Venables. As stated earlier Weekes was a huge name in the commercial game and one day, he was assigned to a production company that worked alongside Martin Gentles and Ed King––His House’s two producers.

At that time, Weekes was only talking about his dreams to direct and feature. Fortunately for him, Evans and Venables were working on an idea that hit rock-bottom––and Weekes came to the rescue.

What did Weekes say to save the idea?

“We did so much research before writing the script and one of the things that I found really rich was, in the asylum process in this country, the government would often give someone a house to live in, but by getting a house you have to follow these really draconian rules. For example, you’re not allowed to leave the house, you’re not allowed to have a job, you’re given a very small amount money weekly, and this seems such a cruel and cold way to treat people who are trying to come to terms in a new home and moving forward [to] their new life. And I felt like, especially in the horror genre, in the haunted house genre, this seemed a particularly rich scenario to be in when you’re forced into a house that could be haunted but you’re not able to get out.

In that one statement from Weekes, you can just see how passionate he was for the project. A truly rich idea coming from these kinds of directors are what makes films seem genuine enough for the truest of spotlights. 


Who would’ve thought that behind one of the best horror films on the streaming giant is a first-time feature director––arguably one of the best to ever do it for the streamer. Netflix has quite the library for its horror genre, and His House proves its place in the library.

All the credit goes not only to Wunmi Musaku and Sope Dirisu who have served as two of the main characters in the film, but also to those who’ve worked behind the camera––Martin Gentles, Ed King, and especially Remi Weekes.

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