How Billie Eilish Accidentally Became Famous

Born and raised in the City of Angels, Billie Eilish came to be the flourished artist she is. Growing up in a house where the arts are encouraged, it didn’t take long enough for her to absorb the creativity brought into her in that house. With influences like her mother named Maggie Baird who is a singer, songwriter, and actress, it’s easy to say that Billie has had it in her genes for quite a while now. Her mother has served as the co-writer and starred in the movie Life Inside Out and has also voiced for the video game Mass Effect 2.

Patrick O’Connell, Eilish’s father, is also heavily involved in the entertainment industry. During his days, he was an actor who had roles in the likes of Iron Man and The West Wing. Fun fact, actually, is that Billie’s father and older brother, Finneas O’Connell, appeared in her mother’s movie, Life Inside Out.

Their parents were so enchanted into turning their kids into artists that they’ve decided to just homeschool Billie and her brother. It was then that they felt that if they just had to study at home, their kids would be able to focus more on their creativity and the arts. This would’ve been the perfect avenue for their children to focus on developing their individual skills and look forward to their goals when it came to their careers.

I mean, it worked. To both parents’ decision, the plan worked considering that Eilish and her brother are now in their own paths of success––not to mention at such a young age as well.

At a very young age, Eilish already loved to perform. At just 8 years old, she was singing for a local choir while also being enrolled in a dance class. On the other hand, her brother is currently a Grammy-winning songwriter, musician, and music producer. The extra time into that creativity really paid off, didn’t it?

At 13 years old, Billie and her dance teacher were working on something that involved Billie writing a song for a choreographed dance. Alongside her brother, Eilish recorded an original song titled––you know it––”Ocean Eyes” and uploaded it to what was then the best music-streaming site in SoundCloud.

At first, Billie only intended for the song to be listened to by her dance teacher––but people started going crazy on SoundCloud. The song went crazy viral. Not long after this treasure of discovery, she became one of the quickest internet sensations in the world––signing record deal after record deal. What’s beautiful about it is that her brother never left her side, helping in almost all of her songs.

And to this day, she’s still one of the most generational singer-songwriters. Whenever she makes music, it just tops the charts automatically––that’s how big her influence is, especially her style and genre of music.

So far, Eilish has one of the best starts to her career considering she started young. However, despite all the success she has, she’s still rooted in her humility as an artist. That’s an artist if I’ve ever seen one.

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