Hulu’s Crossing Swords: Release date, trailer and everything we know

Hulu has just released the trailer for one of its new series, in this case, an animated series. It is ‘Crossing Swords,’ a show inspired by ‘Robot Chicken’ and ‘SuperMansion.’

John Harvatine IV and Tom Root produced ‘Crossing Swords’, and the series premieres this Friday, June 12.

If you thought that because it is an animated series, ‘Crossing Swords’ would be aimed at young audiences, you’re wrong. The show is entirely NSFW, so it’s targeting adult audiences only.

The plot revolves around a character named Patrick, a peasant who wants to become a knight of the realm to do good. Patrick ends up working inside the royal castle, and there he will live up close to what it is like to be a man of the king, although nothing is as he expects.

After having his dream job, everything becomes problematic almost immediately when Patrick realizes that his kingdom is run by a group of horny and mouthy kings and nobles.

Enjoy the trailer here:

If you wanted to end the week with a series that allows you to laugh and not think so much, Hulu has just solved your problem with this weekend’s release of ‘Crossing Swords.’ Check it out!

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