Horror comes to Hulu this Mother’s Day with “Into the Dark: Delivered”

Hulu has just released the trailer for her next episode of “Into the Dark.” The series that makes an anthology of terror since 2018 is back, this time with an episode that will change the way we think about Mother’s Day.

This new episode of “Into the Dark” will be called “Delivered,” it’s the 8th chapter of this second season that will probably have 12 in total, just like the first season. This new dose of horror will reach our screens on May 8th.

“Delivered” will focus on a pregnant woman who discovers that someone very close to her has a macabre plan for her and her soon-to-be-born baby. In the trailer, we can see a woman played by Natalie Paul visiting a mother’s future care center. The same woman later wakes up in chains. She realizes that is not only she in danger but also her baby and her husband.

There is no lack of horrors in the trailer, but you can see it for yourself. Take a look right here.

Blumhouse is the production company responsible for “Into the Dark,” so if you were wondering, quality is guaranteed. These guys have plenty of experience giving viewers goosebumps. They’ve worked on Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Insidious, and even Get Out (Jordan Peele). Into the Dark has two seasons scaring the… out of us, and it doesn’t seem that ‘Delivered’ will be the exception. It has had some ups and downs, but, in general, it’s terrific terror, and judging by the trailer, Delivered will be just that.

What’s your favorite ‘Into the Dark episode’?

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