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Hulu Reveals ‘Marvel’s Helstorm’ Main Cast

Hulu announced some time ago it would expand its partnership deal with Marvel Television, after ‘The Runaways’ success, developing two live-action series: ‘Ghost Rider’ and ‘Helstorm’. The first was stalled about a month ago, but they’ve given us some news about ‘Helstorm.’ The main cast members were revealed yesterday.

Helstorm is based on the comic of the same name and follows the story of Ana and Daimon Helstorm, the daughter and son of a serial killer, who have a complicated relation while they track down and hunt the worst of the worst in the world.

Tom Austen plays Diamond Helstorm. You may remember him for his roles in ‘Grantchester’ and ‘The Borgias.’ Daimon is a professor of ethics by day, exorcist by night. He doesn’t care about saving the world, but the ones he loves. Sydney Lemmon, who stars on ‘Fear of The Walking Dead,’ plays Ana Helstorm, a woman who was traumatized by her psychopathic father as a child. She runs an auction house and in the night she hunts down people like her dad.

Joining Austen and Lemmon will be Elizabeth Marvel (‘Homeland’) playing Victoria Helstorm, a woman haunted by demons who’s been institutionalized for twenty years. Robert Wisdom (‘Ballers’) will play Caretaker, a guardian of occult knowledge who uses it to help Ana fight demons. June Carryl (‘Mindhunter’) plays Louise Hastings, a psychologist with a strong faith that leads the psych hospital where Victoria is kept.

Ariana Guerra (‘Insatiable’) plays Gabriella Rossetti, a woman who comes from the Vatican to help Daimon and Hastings to study and fight cases of possession. Alain Uy (‘Paper Tigers’) plays Chris Yen, Ana’s best friend and business partner, who carries much of the work of the auction house.

The show is set to debut in 2020 so filming may begin soon. Marvel TV and ABC Signature Studios, part of Disney Television Studios co-produce the show. Paul Zbyszewski serves as exec producer and showrunner.

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