Hulu released the trailer for Into the Dark: Good Boy

Hulu is preparing to release a new episode of its horror anthology “Into the Dark.” The newest episode will be called “Good Boy” and it’ll make you never see people with pets in the same way again.

We’ve all witnessed the moment when someone says they don’t like dogs in the presence of a dog lover. It all turns into a war, and almost always, the person who doesn’t like dogs becomes the villain of the story. But… What if the villain was the dog? That’s precisely what the next installment of Into the Dark will be inspired by. This time we can see the story of a dog willing to kill (literally) for its owner.

Good Boy comes at a very ironic time. The release date is Friday, June 12th, exclusively on Hulu. It comes just in time to close the pet appreciation week.

The plot brings us into the life of a lady named Maggi, who has just been given the company of a small dog to help her with her anxiety. Still, soon Maggi discovers that her new dog is not just a typical therapy dog. What begins as having some company to treat anxiety ends up becoming a bloodbath from which people close to Maggi will not come out alive.

In this new installment of Into the Dark, we will have Judy Greer (Halloween and Jurassic World), Steve Guttenberg, Ellen Wong, Elise Neal, María Conchita Alonso, McKinley Freeman and Chico, the dog that will be the protagonist of this new episode.

You can watch the Good Boy trailer right here, but if you decide to watch it, be prepared to be suspicious of any dog.

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