Hulu rules out Season 4 of Marvel’s Runaways

Runaways is an original Hulu series that came to our screens in an alliance with Marvel. It was a novel proposal within the already innovative MCU. It even positioned itself as one of their most profitable series as new seasons were released. It’s not a surprise that fans were expecting a new season as soon as the third one was over, even as the original intention was to end the show after its third season.

The series, whose third season premiered in December 2019, has a plot that revolves around the lives of six teenagers who suddenly find themselves united to fight an enemy they have in common: the Pride, a criminal organization led by their parents.

It was a different proposition within the Marvel universe and was based on relatively new and somewhat unknown comic characters. Still, Runaways already had many fans excited and ready to watch another new season in a single binge-watching session.

Unfortunately, a fourth season has just been officially ruled out in a press release by Marvel and Hulu. They announced the abandonment of the project and stated that the third season is the end of the series.

The decision Marvel and Hulu have made may be confusing, considering the series already had a reasonably substantial fan base. Still, it seems to be a numbers problem. Although the series became a success over time, during the first week of release it didn’t even reach a million viewers. That’s why the executives at Hulu are not interested in doing another season. It’s a risky business for them.

Here’s hoping Marvel connects ‘The Runaways’ with some part of their movie universe or another TV show.

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