Hulu releases trailer for “Love, Victor”

Not long ago we talked about the teaser trailer of the next series to be released on Hulu, “Love, Victor”. Those interested didn’t have to wait long, Hulu just released the official trailer for the series.

The interest in the series is high as many fans want to get a first look at what this adaptation proposes, but mostly to see if it is as adult and revolutionary as we were led to believe. After all, Disney had initially developed the project for broadcast on Disney+, and they eventually chose to remove it from the platform.

The series was too adult for a streaming service aimed at family audiences.

‘Love, Victor,’ tells the story of Victor (Michael Cimino), a boy with a perfect life and understanding parents but who has a personal crisis: he is not sure if he only likes girls and does not feel able to be honest with himself and others. So, he writes to Simon (Nick Robinson), who had found himself in a similar situation, to help him move through life.

Disney chose to leave Love, Victor for its other Hulu platform because the fiction written by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger had to show alcohol consumption, marital problems and had to talk about Victor’s sexual awakening, and this means that the series is “adult” and not suitable for a family-oriented platform like Disney+. Although in the trailer, you don’t see the situations Disney described, we will surely be surprised when the series opens.

For Love, Victor, this restrictive look may end up being something positive. If it airs on Hulu in the United States, this means that it will be able to evolve into a more daring series if the writers consider it appropriate.

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