Hulu’s ‘Hillary’ Documentary: Stream It or Skip It?



Undoubtedly, loving Hillary Clinton is very easy. She’s a strong, honest woman who has demolished gender roles at every level in the government for the past four decades. However, people have also seen the darker side of Hillary especially during her campaigns––also making her easy to hate. 

Hulu, however, has a docuseries about the political woman––zooming in on her life and most especially, the 2016 presidential campaign. Whether or not Hillary is lovable, will this series share the same fate? Is it worth the stream or not?

What is the Docuseries About?

Released in March, Hulu’s Hillary aimed to fill the gap between who the people perceive Hillary is and who she really is––at the very least, who she says she is. Directed by Going the Distance’s Nanette Burstein, the four-episode series revolves around the idea of a biography mixed with the story of the 2016 election, of course, in the perspective of Clinton’s campaign. 

What’s most impressive about Hillary is Burstein’s art of putting you into an emotional rollercoaster. Clips of the debate between Clinton and President Donald Trump is shown alongside Hilary’s youthfulness. If anything, it gives the viewers context into what Hillary’s answers were about. Truly, these types of directing and production is a welcome sight to any documentary––especially those of political ones. 

Stream it or Skip it?

Documentaries of this stature are expectable. For example, Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, at the end of The Last Dance, were world champions. In Hillary, there is no triumph. People of the United States witnessed it, she lost in 2016. 

However, if you’ve watched the series, Hillary feels a little bit incomplete. People know of Clinton as one of the strongest women in the country, powerful even. After the series, viewers learned more about her––and wouldn’t want to count her out for future debates and elections. 

Either way, to stream it is an absolute must. Hillary Clinton haters or not, Hillary gives you an in-depth view of what made Clinton the strong woman she is today. At this point, nobody would be surprised if, through the series, you’ll find newfound respect for the former First Lady, New York Senator, and Secretary of State. 


Apart from the final decision that you should stream it, Hulu’s Hillary is a bravely-done documentary and has been an outstanding take on the life of Clinton. As Clinton said last during the series, she’s “the most investigated innocent person in America. That’s why it’s not just politics; there’s some deep cultural stuff.” 

The people’s familiarity with Clinton’s character is usually based on her stands and political righteousness, but she’s also gone through life––just like most of the viewers.To cut the long story short, supporters and those who don’t should watch Clinton’s journey in and out, before and after the 2016 elections.

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