‘I Am Not Okay With This’ Season 2 renewal news, updates, etc.

2020 has been a big year for Netflix, and that comes alongside the release of their new comedy-drama series titled I Am Not Okay With This. It revolves around the story of a teenage girl by the name of Sydney who has been spearheading many issues in her life. Everything gets even more confusing for her when she realizes that she actually has telekinetic powers. The series is inspired by Charles Forsman’s comic book and is directed by Jonathan Entwistle.

With this, the first season of the series was a huge success––getting positive responses from audiences and critics for performances, direction, production, and for its undeniable creativity. However, the first season did end with a cliffhanger––leaving us wanting for more than just a second season. Here’s everything you need to know about the renewal of the series, though:

Unfortunately, just like every series in the streamer, there have been no announcements for the series’ second season. However, that doesn’t imply that there won’t be one. If Netflix just grabs the opportunity and realizes how people actually loved the show––all of our questions story-wise would be answered considering there’s a lot more to see.

Hopefully, Netflix believes in the series as much as we do. If any official announcements or renewals ever come up regarding the show, we’d be on top of it like a pack of hyenas.

If the series does get renewed, we’d still have to patiently wait for its production needs considering everything that’s been happening in the world. As Netflix suspends productions of every series in the platform, a lot of time and patience will be needed for this to come at our doorstep.

Either way, expect that these stars will be returning for a potential second season: Sophia Lillis as Sydney, Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Barber, Sofia Bryant as Dina, Aidan Wojtak-Hissong as Liam, and Kathleen Rose Perkins as Maggie.

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