ICYM: Love Life is now streaming on HBO Max

The new HBO streaming platform got off to a good start in terms of original content. Today one of its first original productions is available to HBO Max subscribers. We are talking about ‘Love Life’, a romantic comedy starring Anna Kendrick.

HBO Max was launched on May 27 with a very attractive content catalog. And only a week later, the new streaming platform officially started to increase its inventory of original content, with ‘Love Life’ being the first movement.

‘Love Life’, as its name suggests, is a series that explores sentimental and interpersonal themes through the stories of different people in each chapter. The audience response to the announcement of the new HBO Max series has dramatically accelerated the release of new episodes. However, the series’ executives will save the last episode for June 11.

In the series, Anna Kendrick plays Darby Carter, a young woman who has difficulty dating and who also struggles with career issues in New York. The plot shows how Darby falls in love and experiences her first heartbreak while trying to find a job as an art curator in a museum.

The series also features Zoë Chao and Sasha Compère as Sara and Mallory, Darby’s friends, and roommates. All the romantic adventures in the series are narrated by the omniscient voice of Lesley Manville.

Perhaps the audience response that brought forward the premiere of the ‘Love Life’ episodes is due to the fact that the series deals with topics that are very easy to identify with. It is challenging to make a rom-com that does not fall into the cliches that often make us discard romantic films or series without seeing them first.

Enjoy the trailer below:

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