HBO unveils trailer and release date for new true crime docuseries: ‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’

‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ is a documentary series that will follow carefully the archives of Michelle McNamara’s investigation that leads to a trail of numerous unsolved murders. It’s one of HBO’s latest bets on the crime docuseries side, which has been one of Netflix’s major successes with shows like ‘Making a Murderer’ and ‘The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann.’

About 15 years ago, Michelle McNamara had a blog where she wrote only true crime stories. McNamara died in her sleep in 2016 but left behind a nearly finished book that would later become a bestseller on crime.

Paul Haynes and Billy Jensen finished the book, which was called ‘I’ll be Gone in the Dark.’

Four years later, HBO is about to release a six-episode documentary series with the same title. The docuseries investigates the story behind Michelle’s search for the man she dubbed the “Golden State Killer.” The series tells the story of the 13 serial killings and shows McNamara’s process while writing his book and how his motivations went beyond telling the story. The author wanted to solve the case herself.

McNamara was married to Patton Oswalt, who is the producer of the documentary series. Oswalt’s interest in true crime stories is only comparable to that of his late wife.

I’ll be Gone in the Dark’ will use never-seen footage and recordings to review Michelle McNamara’s process while writing her book. It will also feature excerpts from the book read by Amy Ryan and photos and police files on the cases that relate to the “Golden State Killer. Of course, we’ll also have access to exclusive interviews with police, detectives, survivors, and family members of victims.

Almost two years after Michelle McNamara’s death, California authorities arrested a former police officer named James DeAngelo whose DNA matched that of the serial killer McNamara was trying to identify.

‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ will reach HBO and its platforms on June 28. Enjoy the trailer below:

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