Insights to Danielle Jonas Relationship, Family & Net Worth Details


The world entailed many eras––The Beatles, Metallica, and, of course, the band that paved the way for teenage pop rock and love, the Jonas Brothers. Back in the day, the voices of the brothers were swooning hearts with their serenading ballads. 

It came to a point where the band was so big, posters and photos of what they liked to call the ‘Jo-Bros’ filled up many walls and rooms. It was as if fans of the band were pretending that they were being sung to by Nick, Joe, and Kevin. 

However, Kevin has always had a girl behind the scenes! In fact, some lyrics were inspired by her, Danielle Deleasa. People have always thought that any of the brothers would be swooning their soulmates, but it seemed as though Kevin was the one show with cupid’s arrow. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Danielle Deleasa or most commonly known as Danielle Jonas, the wife of Kevin Jonas!

Biography and Education:

Danielle Jonas, born on the 19th of September, 1986, in Denville, New Jersey, is an American reality TV personality, actress, and founder of jewelry company, Moments. She is wed to musician and actor, Kevin Jonas, and stars in Married to Jonas

Born to Thomas Deleasa and Angela Deleasa, Danielle had three other siblings named Kathleen, Dina, and Mike. 

As for her education, she studied in Morris Knolls High School and graduated there in 2005. Eventually, she went to Parsippany to pursue her education in a beauty school.

Career and Net Worth:

Being wed to a Jonas doesn’t stop you from paving your own way, does it? That’s why she found an eponymous jewelry company, Moments. In May 2019, she spoke to Forbes––explaining her inspiration for the business:

“Growing up I’ve always seen my grandmother and mother have such unique and beautiful jewelry,” she said. “I would always go through their jewelry boxes and try anything I could get my hands on and I remember always being attracted to the delicate and dainty pieces, ones that allowed me to mix, match, and stack,” she continued. 

However, before all the jewelry, she was a hairdresser. Danielle also had a life in front of the cameras––appearing in shows such as 2004’s Fashion News, 2007’s Rachel Ray, and 2011’s Big Morning Buzz Live

From 2012 to 2013, she starred alongside her husband and fellow Jonas Brothers in Married to Jonas. Recently, she’s been starring in a lot of the music videos from the brothers including First Time, Sucker, and What a Man Gotta Do. Alongside that, she’s also starred in documentaries such as 2019’s Chasing Happiness and 2020’s Happiness Continues

The businesswoman, Danielle Jonas, flaunts a nice $5 million for her net worth.

Relationship and Family:

Since 2009, Danielle Jonas has been married to Kevin Jonas. The couple only recently celebrated their 11th marriage anniversary last 19th of December, 2020. Kevin Jonas let their fans know of this with a photo during their early dating on Instagram. Danielle didn’t back out, though, also posting a photo on the platform!

Danielle and Kevin crossed paths in the Bahamas in 2007. As if it was love at first sight, Kevin fell in love. Danielle, however, didn’t entertain Kevin at first because of Jonas’ life in Los Angeles. Kevin, on the other hand, got Danielle’s number from her younger sister. 

When Danielle flew back to the States, Kevin surprised her with a phone call. Since then, it has been history in the making. At first, the relationship was kept in secret until photos of their relationship surfaced in 2008. 

In July 2009, Kevin proposed to Danielle and got wed on the 19th of December, 2009. Four years into their happy husband-and-wife relationship, they welcomed their first daughter in Alena Rose Jonas in 2014 and their second daughter in Valentina Angelina Jonas in 2016.


Who wouldn’t want to be married to a Jonas back then? Danielle Deleasa, now named Danielle Jonas, has fulfilled other people’s dreams. Now, she lives happily alongside her husband and two kids, Alena and Valentina. 

Owning a jewelry, she is forging ahead with a career of her own. Don’t be surprised if you hear more of her in the future!

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