How to Download and View Instagram Stories Anonymously

I am a big fan of Instagram Stories. I love seeing what my friends and idols are up to right now, in this very moment. They also just feel less ‘curated’ and more real than feed posts. They are people eating biscuits, watching Netflix, or playing with their cat, rather than perfectly filtered Feed-worthy snaps.

However, there are a few drawbacks with Instagram Stories. First, the fact they disappear after only 24 hours. Often then include videos that I want to watch again, or posts that I share with my friends, but then they disappear before they have a chance to see them. It is also a bit of a pain that you can only reports Stories that you have been tagged in.

I’ve also been caught out a few times, since Instagram lets us know when someone has viewed our story. I once had an argument with my mother about why I didn’t come over and help her unpack her new kitchen – obviously I knew she was working on it as I had seen her Instagram stories, and clearly I wasn’t doing anything important if I had time to play on my phone. Sorry mum.

Other times, I want to creep on my ex or my crush, but I don’t want them to know that I am looking or that I care. How can I maintain an attitude of cool aloofness when they know that I look at all their Instagram Stories seconds after they have been posted?

However, the other day a friend told me about a new app called Surf+ for Instagram, which would let me surf Instagram anonymously, viewing whatever stories I like, and also download them if I wanted to save them for later. This is not an Instagram affiliated app, but rather a third party app designed to enhance the Instagram experience.

I opened the app, no login required, and got the free trial to check it out, and really, they could have called this app Creep+ for Instagram. It was easy to find the accounts of my favourite creepies and view their stories anonymously. But more than that, I could bookmark their accounts. That meant that every time I opened the app their accounts where there, and I could see whether they had new stories, without having to scroll through the Instagram Story menu bar or go direct to their profile. Very convenient.

When I came across stories that I wanted to keep for later, or share with others anonymously off Instagram, they were easy to download and save to my device with just one click, again, all anonymously. I imagine that this would be a great tool for social media marketers and managers who want to share other people’s stories on their own account.

Since I am more of a stalker than a poster on Instagram, I don’t think I opened the Instagram app for the whole period of my free trial, as I could do everything that I normally do in Instagram on Surf+, just all anonymously. You can search for accounts, and you don’t need to be following someone in order to see their posts of bookmark them to your account, though their account does need to be public.

I started using the iOS app on the free trial period, and I have since gotten myself a weekly subscription for $2.99 so I can continue my creeping activities. When this subscription runs out, I think I will give in and purchase an annual subscription for $119.99. While this might seem a bit expensive, considering how much I have used the app in the space of a little more than a week, I think it will be worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this app to others, and I am just waiting for it to come out in the Google Play Store to recommend to my Android using friends.

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