‘Into the Deep’ will not be seen in Netflix after issues arise regarding consent

Well, all I can say is this is a good call on Netflix’s part.

Netflix has halted its plans to release the Australian documentary about Danish murderer Peter Madsen. The decision, however, did not stem from contracts or money but because of consent. Multiple people who were involved said the documentary had footages of two people without getting their consent. As a result, this would then traumatize them again and “endanger their health” if it airs across all around the world.

Madsen was a well-known Danish inventor. I say “was” because he isn’t famous for than anymore. He was sentenced to life in jail for the murder and sexual assault of journalist Kim Wall after his invitation to open his homemade submarine for her.

The Australian director of the documentary, Emma Sullivan, has been filming Madsen alongside his volunteer crew for a very long time for a different documentary (it was about building a homemade rocket). During the timespan of filming, that’s when the murder took place.

Into the Deep followed interviews with Madsen and his crew until the day of the murder. According to a Variety review, the movie offers “a rare opportunity to study a murderer before his first kill … both a portrait of evil and a story of the workers left ashore floundering to understand how they devoted their lives to a fiend”.

The documentary premiered at the Sundance film festival in January and was supposed to be released by Netflix later this year. After issues from the two people who were disregarded of their consent and the film’s cinematographer who withdrew support, no one will see the documentary’s international release.

This is what one of the two people had to say about the issue:

“I appear against my will as a participant in the documentary”, Olsen said on social media and in Danish media. “I repeatedly and unequivocally told the director Emma Sullivan that I did not want to participate, that it would endanger my health due to trauma I suffer following the murder case”. The second person filmed, who is objecting to the documentary, has chosen to remain anonymous.

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