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Is Suits the Best Legal Drama on Streaming Services



Though Suits is coming to a close on Netflix, the legal drama has given the people more than just courtroom thrillers. What keeps the fans on the edge of their seats is the constant drama surrounding the series, and the enticing viewing of the little combination of the Harvey Specter and Mike Ross total bromance, pre-royalty Meghan Markle, the ever-so-sassy Donna, and the unforgettable “You just got Lit up” catchphrase. 

Netflix has served as home for many legal drama series including Suits, How to Get Away with Murder, When They See Us and The Lincoln Lawyer. However, it isn’t much of a competition considering that Suits has nine seasons under its belt and fans all over the world. 

What is it about:

Created by Aaron Korsh, Suits revolves around the story of a fictional law firm in New York and the lawyers working inside it. Two lawyers will stand out, the first being Harvey Specter who dubbed himself as the ‘best closer in the city’ and college dropout Mike Ross who was hired by Harvey as an associate despite never even attending Harvard law. 

Together, they become an unstoppable, and quite the charming, team––a bromance, if you will. As the duo attracts challenge after challenge, they have to close cases and keep Mike’s secret at the same time. 

Why it’s the best:

Unlike most legal dramas on streaming services today, Suits follows the genre loyally––emphasizing on both the legal part of the series and the dramatic part, both of which are equally exciting. Relationships, personal distractions, and a whole lot of supposedly illegal lawyer actions, these are what separates Suits to other legal dramas. You’re just always on the edge. 

Undoubtedly, given that it’s had eight renewals, Suits flaunts to be one of, if not, the best legal drama on any given streaming platform. Audiences have veered away from law-related series, however, because of certain jargons and actions they’d have to learn along the way. The series has done a good job making a case equally as exciting and simple for the normal person to understand. 


Legal dramas are easy to love––the jargons, the conversations, and, of course, the courtroom dramas. What sets Suits apart from the likes of How to Get Away with Murder and When They See Us is the perfect balance of law and drama. Though following the series tends to be quite a marathon given its nine seasons, it surely is worth the watch. 

The series presents great chemistry between the characters, especially that of Harvey and Mike’s. Surely, everyone agrees that The Right Stuff’s Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht have excelled in portraying the lead roles. Sometimes, however, the show does get a little too deep in law. The good thing is that the series simplifies it just enough for the average non-lawyer and laymen to understand what’s going on.


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