The heist, sadly, continues as ‘Money Heist’ star Itziar Ituño catches COVID-19

The coronavirus is really victimizing all the people we love watching. It took sports from us, Tom Hanks and now, La Casa de Papel star Itziar Ituño.

The Spanish actress plays Inspector Raquel Murillo in La Casa de Papel or Money Heist. Unfortunately, she tested positive for COVID-19.

Ituño took it to her Instagram account to announce the sad news––posting a photo of herself smiling in bed. The Inspector is optimistic and I think we need more of that in times like these.

She wrote in the caption that she had been feeling the symptoms since Friday afternoon, got checked, and was confirmed to a victim of the pandemic.

“Since Friday afternoon I have the symptoms (fever and dry cough) and today we got confirmation of the epidemiological test. It’s coronavirus,” she wrote in what appears to be the Basque language.

The 45-year-old actress said that her case is mild and she feels fine. However, none of this should be taken lightly.

“It’s very, very contagious and super dangerous for people who are weakest.”
“There are dead, many lives at stake and we still do not know how far this will go so the time has come to put the vaccine of responsibility for the common good, I love you.”

Ituño said she was required of a 15-day quarantine and until then, she’ll see what the next steps are.

“It’s time for solitude and generosity! From staying home and protecting others. Now I get 15 days in quarantine then it will be seen take care of yourselves.”

On the 6th of March 2020, the streaming platform released the trailer for one of its greatest series yet in Money Heist. According to the platform, the fourth season will be premiering on the 3rd of April.

If there’s something Ituño taught us in her caption, it’s definitely to be aware. No matter how mild someone’s case is, it’s still dangerous. So to all the people reading, be safe out there. We might be countries apart, but we live in one world. In the words of Ituño, “it’s time for solitude and generosity!”

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