Jackie Sandler: 10 Things about Adam Sandler’s Wife

Jacqueline Samantha Titone, born on September 24, 1974 (age 45) in Coral Springs, Florida, is a famous actress and model, but more popularly known to be the wife of the hilarious Adam Sandler.

The talented actress that she was, she starred in Hotel Transylvania, 50 First Dates, Just Go With It, Grown Ups, and Grown Ups 2. An impressive resume, yes?

Jackie and Adam’s love story started on the set of Big Daddy in 1999. 2 years later, the two found themselves in love and engaged. On the 22nd on June 2003, they married. Lila Titone and Joseph Titone raised their child to be a Christian, but later converted to Judaism to marry Adam. Proudly, Jackie has 2 daughters born in May 2006 and November 2008 named Sadie and Sunny respectively.

  1. “Work it!” to “Lights, camera, action!”: When Jackie Titone was younger, she dreamt of becoming a model and later pursued a part-time modeling career while also balancing academics during high school. To fulfill her young dream, she moved to Brazil to become a full-time model. While modeling, though, she explored acting and found herself in roles for both the big and small screen.
  2. Adam Sandler and Jackie Titone met on the set of Big Daddy: After all these years, Adam was going to be Jackie’s Big Daddy. Wait, did I say that right? If you didn’t know, Jackie was the waitress who took Sonny (Adam)’s order of a root beer while he was in the sports bar in the movie.
  3. Cameo on cameo on cameo!: The greatest part about their relationship is that they both genuinely know each other and Adam supports her then-girlfriend by giving most of the cameo roles for Jackie to boost her career.
  4. She’s married to the very dashing, fascinating and hilarious comedian-actor Adam Sandler!: Wow! At this point, we don’t know who’s luckier—is it Adam or is it Jackie? Kidding aside, June 22, 2003 marked the biggest (and loveliest) date of both these actors’ lives.
  5. She was a Christian, and then later converted to Judaism: Adam Sandler and Jackie Titone were from totally different religions. Jackie converted to Judaism and was wed in a beautiful traditional Jewish ceremony.
  6. Jackie now has 2 daughters: Jackie’s beautiful genes have bestowed upon us Sadie, who was born on May 2006, and Sunny, who was born on November 2008. Yay for parents!
  7. If you’ve seen Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2, you’ve probably seen Jackie already: Yup, you heard that right! She stars in both Grown Ups movies and who knows? We might probably see her in the trilogy. Dun dun duuun!
  8. Jackie has an equally amazing sense of humor—just like her man: When Ellen DeGeneres asked Adam if his wife was okay with all the love scenes with Drew Barrymore, Adam said “We’re [Adam and Drew] doing a nice romantic scene and I think I’m doing pretty great being as romantic as I can be and then like – Okay, moving on, let’s go, that was great, Drew. Good job. And I’m walking away and I just see my wife like (shaking her head) … ‘What’s the matter?’ [And she says] ‘Just please, for the sake of women, get in there and just look a little more alive.’
  9. “I do” in front of family, friends… and Adam’s dog…?: Jennifer Aniston, Rodney Dangerfield and Rob Schneider were all there for Adam and Jackie’s wedding, but also was Meatball! He was also wearing a yarmulke and was the ring-bearer!
  10. Her net worth is around $5 million: Genuine information hasn’t really surfaced across the internet, but that’s her net worth according to various sources.


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