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Locke & Key creator, Joe Hill, hid that he is the son of horror legend, Stephen King

The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree now, does it?

Whether you’re a Netflix fan or you’re not, you’ve seen Locke and Key in your Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds, and Instagram feeds. The reputation of the series just keeps on skyrocketing after its release on the 7th of February, 2020. And to the lot of you who have watched, or are currently watching, have your eyes locked on just one name during the end credits: Joe Hill. Not to be confused with Jonah Hill, of course.

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As the show’s creator and executive producer, Hill also served as the writer of the comic series the show has adapted. A talented man, he is. With the horror genre asking for better directors and writers, Joe Hill must be the salvation of it all and luckily for us, it seems like horror runs through his veins. Man, having Stephen King as a dad must have been the experience, huh, Joe? Or should I say, Joseph Hillstrom King! Aha!

Hill is a very accomplished writer, just like his father. He’s written acclaimed novels, short stories, and comics (he even has his own DC comics line, how cool is that?) and he’s been riding that wave like he owns it. Proudly enough, he’s done it without anyone knowing that he’s the son of THE Stephen King. Kudos to you, Joe!

At the beginning of this article, you knew where the name “Joe Hill” came from. In 1997, when he just started his writing career, he used “Joe Hill” as his pen name derived from his birth name of  Joseph Hillstrom King. He wanted a career for himself without getting credited as Stephen King’s son because we all knew how ItThe Shining, and Carrie all turned out.

Stephen King doesn’t hold it against his son. The love circulating around that family of writers is just superb. King dedicated his two books, It and The Shining, to his kids. It was especially for all three of his children Owen, Naomi, and Joe. But The Shining? It’s already on the opening page of the book.
“For Joe Hill King, who shines on.”

Shine on, Joe. We believe in you as your father does.

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