Jordan Peele’s Next Horror Movie To Hit Theaters in July 2022

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Jordan Peele has done it again. His next film, a follow up to Us, is reportedly coming to theatres in July 2022. Since 2017, Peele has been one of the names to look out for if you’re looking to frighten yourselves with horror scenes like that of Get Out’s. Deservingly so, the critically-acclaimed film won Best Original Screenplay during the 2018 Academy Awards. After that, he released yet another critically-acclaimed film in Us. As both films gross over a quarter of a billion dollars during box office, Peele’s horror films are more than meets the eye. 

Notably known for his comedic talent, Peele has also found a humongous amount of success in the horror scene. Originally, he is best known for his sketches alongside Green Eggs and Ham’s Keegan-Michael Key. 

Peele, obviously, couldn’t get enough of the horror scene––eventually working on this year’s Lovecraft Country and The Twilight Zone

What you need to know:

Specific details of the upcoming Peele film are still secrets, at this point. However, according to Deadline, the film will be released in 2022 and will also be floating around the world of the horror genre. What’s most exciting is that the film will be closely tied to the social-thrill commentary that Peele’s style has been masterfully creating––as seen in his first two films. 

According to Universal Pictures, the release date of the film will be the 22nd of July.


For obvious reasons, Us and Get Out were, and still are, two of the most loved horrors in today’s woke generation. Both films tackled the imbalances of the world including that of racism, class inequality, and other issues brought by social constructions. 

Peele has outdone himself in seamlessly tying all of these topics into a film––alongside the horror genre nonetheless. Politics has been one of the biggest issues to date, and it would be a treat to see it depicted through the horror scene. However, it would take a little under two years before excited fans will get to find out just what Peele has under his sleeve. 


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