Timely or not, this new Québécois film from Netflix should be on your must-watch list

There’s something about all these foreign words and accented letters that makes me a little excited about what’s coming.

Onwards, Jusqu’au déclin (Decline) is a nailbiter Québécois thriller. The upcoming film revolves around a group of hyper-anxious adults who go into a survivalist training camp so they can learn how to fight against the anticipated pandemic on top of every worldly disaster. Well, they got what they were looking for.

This sets up another first for Netflix––the first Québécois film to be produced under the streaming platform. Fortunately, if nothing goes into shambles, this won’t likely be the last––considering it’s going to be the work of Laliberté.

“I still have to pinch myself when I realize that over 21 million subscribers have already seen it,” says Laliberté, who I’m expecting to be called into Hollywood after the premiere of the film. “But that also provides (Québécois artists) a lesson about how we can export our culture to the rest of the world, and not only to the U.S. or French-speaking countries. There are so many other markets out there that would appreciate our style while we remain true to our roots.”

“We’re always talking about great films from Scandinavia, Britain or other parts of the world, yet too often we don’t have belief in ourselves that we can create with the others for worldwide audiences. But we can.”

Laliberté’s actually quite surprised about how schedules have been coincidental––not that he ever wanted a pandemic to come. He does admit that it’s an opportunity for a $5-million budget to grow.

“It’s so weird the way it has worked out. Even when we premièred the film in February at the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma, we had no idea about what was soon to happen with (the pandemic). It’s been such a strange coincidence.”

“Certainly, this has opened doors, and it’s given me the opportunity to dream about doing films that I didn’t think I could do when I was younger. I now feel I have options. But hopefully under better circumstances in the world.”

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