Kaynette Williams: Career, Relationship & Net Worth Details


The showbiz industry is as vague as things can get. From the biggest stars to the rookies, the sum of talent and hardwork doesn’t really equal fame. Some are just more handsome than others––more camera-friendly, per se. However, many celebrities have earned a reputable level of fame as a result of their relationship with a popular celebrity. Case in point, Kaynette Williams. 

She became popular when she got married to one of the biggest country music stars and The Voice judge, Blake Shelton. Williams used to be the assistant to the seven-time Grammy nominee. Nowadays, she’s been venturing out into the world of showbiz. Either way, here’s everything you need to know about Kaynette Williams!


Kaynette Williams, born on the 20th of February, 1973, in Ada, Oklahoma, was a math teacher––often told to be following in her mother’s footsteps when she used to be a teacher. Her father, on the other hand, worked at a local newspaper. 

For Williams, education was a big part of her life––finishing with a majors in Economics and Sociology. When she was growing up, it’s been said that she was so passionate about being a part of school programs and competitions. Her involvement in school has passed on to her life as an adult. Now, she’s a women’s rights activist––aiding the women who are voiceless and fighting for the rights of her fellow women. 

Career and Net Worth:

Before gaining all the traction as Shelton’s other half, Kaynette’s work history doesn’t really strike much of a presence. Although, she was recognized as Shelton’s manager for a couple of years during Shelton’s early days––managing promotions, appearances, and even tours. 

Nowadays, she’s widely recognized as an award-winning math teacher at an elementary school in Kansas as well as a women’s rights activist. 

Kaynette Williams was believed to have earned a large amount of money from being Shelton’s manager––even being suspected to be more than a million dollars. While Shelton’s net worth stands at around $60 million, Kaynette’s net worth is yet to be known by the public.


Reportedly, it’s been known that William and Shelton met after attending the same high school. Both coming from Ada, Oklahoma, they started their long-term relationship and eventually married in 2003 at Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Their relationship was as smooth-sailing as any, Williams being the backbone and supporter of Shelton’s music career. However, three years after the marriage, the two decided to divorce. According to Williams’ public statement, she alleged that her former husband was guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.

Kaynette is now married to Cody Joe Scheck, a rodeo champion and the current world record holder for steer roping. They now happily reside in Great Bend, Kansas.


Information about Kaynette Williams proves to be scarce––but just enough for her to enjoy a private life. Considering her life as Black Shelton’s ex-wife and ex-manager, you’d think that her life would be a little more public, but alas, it is not. Though she’s only known publicly for that phase of her life, she now lives happily alongside her husband Cody Joe Scheck––working as a math teacher and a strong women’s rights activist.

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