Cooked with Cannabis: Kelis Rogers to co-host Netflix’s new cannabis cooking show

Netflix venturing off to new heights, I see!

Singer, songwriter, and chef Kelis Rogers has announced that she will be co-hosting Netflix’s new cannabis cooking show. Cooked with Cannabis is set to premiere on, what date else than, the 20th of April. 4/20, blaze it!

If you’ve heard something along the lines of “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,” then you know who Kelis is. Known for songs ‘Milkshake’ and ‘Trick Me’ from her album ‘Tasty’, the musician has also been pursuing a culinary career since 2006––a mere 14 years ago! However, she wasn’t the snap-of-a-finger chef, she actually graduated from cookery school first––namely, Le Cordon Bleu. I just had to italicize that, honestly. It looked so boujee. Alongside that, she also released a cookbook and with that, she will be helping to present the art of cannabis in cooking with Netflix.

In an announcement post on Instagram, Kelis wrote:

“Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my Netflix, so this is a dream come true. As a chef, I was intrigued by the food and as an everyday person, I was interested in how powerful this topic is in today’s society.”

Alongside Chef Kelis in hosting the six-episode series will be Chef Leather Storrs. Each of the episodes will be boasting of three contestants hoping to amaze the judges by creating and presenting their own twist on cooking with cannabis. Each episode, however, will be having new sets of judges like Ricki Lake, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Too $hort, and El-P.

Chef Leather Storrs told Food & Wine more about the show:
Cooked with Cannabis is a show where weed is a seasoning rather than the reason. The contestants had personal and romantic relationships with the herb and they knew its intricacies: medically, chemically, spiritually and as an intoxicant.”

Most importantly, this show will have the chance to destigmatize those who are not in favor of the plant. Storrs said that the series is “for food people, for stoners, and for folks that are curious about both”.


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