Kevin Hunter: Net Worth, Ex-Wife, and More



Although you might think Kevin Hunter is famous for being an American television executive, he is most known for being the ex-husband of talk show host and television personality, Wendy Williams. There is a lot to learn about Hunter and Williams’s relationship, plus how Hunter got his start in the industry and his net worth

Here is everything you need to know about Kevin Hunter and his ex-wife relationship, Wendy Williams.

Net Worth

It is estimated Kevin Hunter’s net worth is $10 million. This is mainly from being a television executive and being a producer on Williams’ popular talk show, The Wendy Williams Show. Hunter also became Williams’ manager shortly after they started dating. 

Wendy Williams 

In 1994, Hunter and Williams met at a skating rink and started dating shortly after. In 1997 the pair married and in 2000, the couple welcomed a son together. In the spotlight, the pair seemed to have a great relationship, but behind the scenes, it was said that Hunter was controlling. It was reported that he screened all questions that were asked to Williams, and he went through her gifts, mail, and scripts so he could control what went to her. 

It was reported that Hunter also cheated on Williams, but she publicly forgave him before it was said that he propositioned one of her employees. Reports also showed he was abusive to the television show host. 

After 22 years of marriage, Williams filed for divorce in 2019. This happened in the middle of a controversy where Hunter welcomed a baby with another woman and Williams had checked into a sober living house. In April of the same year, Williams excised Hunter from her life personally and professionally. It was reported that Hunter was fired from her show, and she hired a team of advisors to help protect her assets. 

Early Life

Hunter was born on September 17, 1972, in Ontario, Canada. He is a Virgo and not a lot is known about his early life. He owned a hair salon and worked as a party promoter before meeting his ex-wife. It was reported that Hunter helped shape Williams’ career and helped her show become successful. 

Hunter also released an autobiography titled “Jagger’s Revolution” in 2010. Later he released a sequel to the autobiography, which is also the story of him and Williams. 


Not a lot is known about Kevin Hunter, and what is known isn’t nice to talk about. Hunter got his fame from his ex-wife, but after the divorce, not a lot was said about him, besides the negativity of his relationship. If you need something else to watch, here are some suspenseful movies on Netflix right now.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wendy Williams Net Worth? 

$40 million

Where is Kevin Hunter Now? 

It is reported that Hunter is opening an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn.

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