‘Knives Out’ is now available on Amazon Prime Video

The film starring Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas was one of the best films of 2019. The audience reacted positively to Rian Johnson’s work, which surprised us thanks to its freshness and quality.

The film is a real marvel, and many consider that the fact that it didn’t win the Oscar for the best original script was a real injustice. In “Knives Out” everything is tied up perfectly, in a more than peculiar story that plays with appearances and prejudices, to draw one of the most amusing whodunits that the recent history of cinema has given us. A film that has once again put a spotlight on a genre that seemed already forgotten.

The cast is full of stars, and we find names like Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, or Jamie Lee Curtis. Plus, it’s a tape that’s riddled with secrets and easter eggs. So, we believe that ‘Knives Out’ is a must-see, and therefore there is no better time to watch it now that it is already available on Amazon Prime Video from today, a film that you will surely end up loving.

Such was the success of Rian Johnson’s film that shortly after the release of the film Lionsgate confirmed that they are already working on a second installment that promises more mystery, more fun, and a new riddle to solve. The campaign of this second film began with an interesting promotion to ‘guess’ the title that you can see through this link.

The official synopsis tells us of “Benoit Blanc, a ruthless detective investigating the death of an elderly crime novelist at the deceased’s mansion. Benoit will have to get around the traps and lies that the novelist’s eccentric family and servants have concocted”.

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