Korea’s ‘Time To Hunt’ is finally coming to Netflix after its court injunction

Time To Hunt, the Korean crime thriller that was halted of its debut on Netflix after an unfortunate court injunction, will finally be coming to the streaming platform after having resolved the issue.

Actually, the movie was supposed to premiere in Korea on the 26th of February but of course, the coronavirus pandemic happened and all businesses had to be stopped pronto. Producer Little Big Pictures, however, has signed a world rights deal with the streaming giant to set a premiere for the 10th of April in 190 countries. Just before they get set to show for the platform, international sales rep Contents Panda files the injunction against the production company––claiming that the film still had a valid contract and had already inked 30+ territory deals. Thus, the premiere date was set back and delayed once again once the Seoul court had granted the motion.

Now, the producers raised the white flag and have released a statement to apologize for the move and saying “a smooth agreement with minimal cost” had been reached. You can read more from the statements below.

“First of all, we are deeply sorry to those who have been interested in Time To Hunt. As the distributor of the film, we feel sorry and responsible for the confusion being caused,” read the Little Big Pictures statement. “We thought the worldwide streaming premiere over 190 countries on Netflix could be a good way to promote Korean films, production staff, directors and actors to the world. However, due to the impractical progress, we unilaterally sent a notice of termination while ignoring the achievement of Contents Panda, the world sales agent, who highly contributed in world sales over a year, and we received the restraining order from the court. We respect the court’s decision and ask for an apology from Contents Panda,” it added.


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