‘Last Chance U’ Season 5: Release date, incoming renewal, and plot

All sports fans have been deprived of the entertainment they’ve come to know and love––as well as sleep late for. With the likes of Netflix’s The Last Dance, a documentary on Michael Jordan, as well as hit series Drive to Survive which focuses more on the Formula 1 side of things––people might also be familiar with the streamer’s Last Chance U.

Only recently, the streamer announced that the critically acclaimed docuseries will be returning for its fifth and final season of the 28th of July. The past seasons have focused on college football, but Netflix has given the crew the green light to renew the series. However, instead of football, the series will be focusing on basketball––and this will all premiere in 2021. The new series will be documenting the East Los Angeles Community College basketball team during their 2019-2020 campaign.

Last Chance U: Laney will give you an inside scoop on what Laney College JUCO football brings to the table. From the blood, sweat, and tears to the unforgivable grind, these men from Oakland are laying it all on the line to protect their 2018 national championship. With their legendary coach John Beam, the Laney players are ready to embark whatever obstacle, injury, and pressure they will be put up against. It’s all about loving the grind anyways.

“We’re thrilled to be able to delve into the world of Laney College for our fifth season and to have had the opportunity to document the incredible grit and drive of these JUCO players in Oakland, CA,” said executive producer and director Greg Whiteley. “With this series, we always wanted to give viewers a raw behind-the-scenes look at junior college athletics and we’re excited to expand the LCU legacy onto the court with JUCO basketball.”

If you love sports, then you’ll certainly love what Last Chance U has to offer. Either way, sports won’t be out until a couple of weeks or months so this is the best we have. Happy watching, friends!

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