Lucas Black: Net worth, celebrity facts, and more about the ‘NCIS’ and ‘American Gothic’ star!

Lucas York Black, born on November 29, 1982, in Decatur, Alabama, is an American actor most notably known for his role in CBS television series American Gothic and NCIS: New Orleans. He has also appeared in one of the best The Fast and Furious instalments in Tokyo Drift.

Net Worth$8 million
Source of IncomeProfessional Actor
BirthdayNovember 29, 1982
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Country of Origin:Decatur, Alabama, United States of America
  1. Like Character, Like Actor: For NCIS: New Orleans, he played Christopher LaSalle who also came from Alabama!
  2. Thanks, Dad: Black credits his father for being his role model. The guidance and diligence all came from his father, and it speaks volumes of his personality.
  3. The Pigskin: When he was in high school, Lucas played football for the Speake Bobcats.
  4. We’re Hooked!: If you thought his character in NCIS was crazy about fishing, then here’s a fun fact: Lucas actually dreamt of becoming a professional fisherman.
  5. FORE!: A golf lover, Lucas is! Just after high school, he played golf and has recently been competing nationwide. He also dreams of playing professionally.
  6. A Beautiful Couple: Yes, girls, Lucas is taken. He and Maggie O’Brien married in 2010.
  7. 3 Might Warriors: And they have three beautiful children––one daughter and two sons.
  8. ‘Bama Out The Man: You can take him anywhere out of Alabama, but you can’t take Alabama out of him. Because of this, he turned down a role because the directed wanted him to drop the accent. That’s not possible, director.
  9. At What Age Did You Say?: At a young age of 11, he’s already starred in his first movie role.
  10. A Faithful Man: Growing up in a religious household, he has always been carrying that same faith since his early years. Just look at his social media pages for a quick reference.

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