Lucifans, unite! ‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Part 1 has an official release date!

Ho-ly crap. Lucifer‘s fifth season has officially confirmed its release date––and you’ll find out more here. All I have to say is, the rumours were true.

Everyone was saying that the hit series wouldn’t be arriving in July––so everyone started speculating and looking for clues for a possible release date. As you may know, Warner Bros. will be hosting a DC FanDome Virtual Experience on the 22nd of August to get fans up to date on the company’s upcoming shows, films, comics, and other entertainment materials.

Welp, Lucifer is part of that universe. The series is part of the DC world.

Still, fans were left wondering when the real release date is for the fifth season. However, August seemed so long for fans to wait for an announcement. But Netflix, of course, comes to the rescue––confirming via their official Lucifer Twitter handle the real release date for the upcoming installment.

Hear ye, hear ye! The upcoming season is coming to the platform on the 21st of August. However, keep in mind that this release date is only for the first part of the fifth season. Remember that season 5 is actually broken up into two parts. Well, maybe the release date for the second part will be shared in the upcoming DC FanDome Virtual Experience. We’ll see, but until then, we’ll keep you posted.

Also, maybe they’d even share when the sixth season is coming up as well. I guess we just have to for the 22nd of August to see what we should be expecting for the series. Or should we just trust our intuitions? It did us well the first time anyways. Haha!

Let us know what you’re expecting this season! Knowing that their still a sixth season, we’re most probably escalating to the moments leading to the finale. But either way, we’ll be enjoying it.

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