Macaulay Culkin’s Net Worth and 9 Interesting Things About Him

Macaulay Culkin won the approval of many in 1990 for his memorable role in the grand ‘Home Alone’ movie. Even after many years, he’s loved by many who saw the movie some years later. He enjoyed a lovely time as a kid working on different projects and cracking ribs. Although he left acting for some 8 years, Culkin will be a constant household name even in years to come. In recent times he has been in movies like the 2019 Change land alongside former girlfriend, Brenda Song.

Net Worth:~ $15 Million
Source of Income:Acting, book writing, endorsement deals, voice over
Birthday26 August, 1980
Zodiac SignLibra
Country of Origin:Manhattan, New York, USA

Macaulay Culkin amassed most of his wealth as a successful child actor, making him one of the all-time highest paid kid actor. He made a lot from:

  • His first movie before the grand breakthrough was the Uncle Buck movie. Although not a famous face then, he was paid $40,000 to play Miles Russell. His first significant pay but one of the very least.
  • Home Alone was released in 1990 and Macaulay was the attraction. His role in the movie influenced its popularity, making it the biggest grossing film in 1990. Added to the award nomination and increase demand, he earned $100,000. The hype surrounding the Home Alone movie grew, and so did the status of Macaulay. He became highly sorted after despite his young age.
  • The more significant money came in 1991, he has indeed worked hard to earn a well-paying role after his mind-blowing performance in Home Alone. The comedy movie titled “My Girl” earned him $1 million, ten times the pay he got for acting in his previous film.
  • After the first Home Alone, a second part was proposed following the massive success of the first. Home Alone 2 and subsequent sections featured Macaulay Culkin, and he grossed a whopping $4.5 million, a considerable pay which skyrocketed his worth back then. Of course, as you would expect, he got more awards nomination and indeed won some.
  • Two years after, in 1993, he got a new role in the “Good Son” movie, receiving $1.5 million for his part, a massive pay for a 13- year old. Fortune wasn’t just smiling on him; it was the reward of hard work. Speaking years later when he was much advanced in age, he says” I feel I am enjoying the wealth of a young boy who worked hard”.
  • He made his first $8 million in the famous movie” Getting Even With Dad”. A film produced by the reputable Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer company in 1994. He was over $10 million rich as of age 14.
  • Macaulay made yet another fortune in another successful movie in the same year. In December of 1994 the film “Richie Rich” in which he had a role made over $38 million in the box office, $125 million in rentals, and $44million in retail sales. He pocketed another $8 million conveniently. He acted in many movies after his return in the early 2000s. Culkin got paid for his role in the “Equalizer” a seasonal and episodic film.
  • He recently ventured into the voice-over field earning about $300,000. He was part of a music band although not for long. His endorsement deal with sprite paid handsomely well.
  • The Godfather of the two sons of the late Michael Jackson owns a $1. 7 Million home in Manhattan. He, however, doesn’t dress too classy. He holds a couple of cars; a Lexus with a market value of $30,000, G65 Mercedes of about $350,000, and a ford escape of $25,000.

Many of the movies Macaulay Culkin starred in didn’t disclose the exact amount he was paid, same as some shows. Because of his active and continuous participation in the movie industry, he will continue to amass more wealth and add to what he has earned during his fruitful young days.

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