The Matrix Returning for a Fourth Installment – Rumors, Potential Plot & Cast

Apparently this has been in the works for quite some time, but I am just stumbling upon it now. As Warner Brothers landed John Toll for this fourth journey into The Matrix, articles about the cinematographers new job began splashing around my suggested news feed within my email. I’m not sure how this, of all things, was what finally made its way to me. Especially after Keanu and Moss were confirmed to be returning by Lana Wachowski. This is massive news either way, and I am ecstatic to see what happens with the franchise over the next year or so.

Cast & Crew

As I mentioned earlier, both Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss have been confirmed to return to their roles as Neo and Trinity. Outside of these two, no other cast members have been confirmed. It does seem as if WB plans on creating their fourth movie without Laurence Fishburne as well, or at least that’s how it looks now (I will touch on this more in both sections below). We will get half of the dynamic duo that brought us the first three Matrix films in Lana Wachowski though, and she is set to write, direct, and produce this movie. Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell have also been helping Wachowski write the script, and the three of them will be joined by Grant hill on the production side of things.

Potential Plot

As of right now, there are no details on the premise of the fourth Matrix movie. Many believe that it may be a fresh start to the series, similar to how X-Men: First Class rebranded that franchise. Wachowski has been quoted saying that many of her and her sister’s ideas from twenty years ago are even more relevant now than ever. It is thought that if WB does decide to rebrand the series that they will head to a different time/reality of the same universe, which would be a key reason Fishburn could be excluded from the film. How all of that would play out I do not know, but it would be interesting to say the least. Many also believe that with Reeves and Moss and returning though that we will see a continuation of the story rather than a rebranding. If that were the case, Fishburn could still land his role as Morpheus… or maybe we see a new face attempt to tackle the role.


The most important rumor swirling around this movie would have to be the release date. Apparently filming will begin in early 2020, which would slate the finished product to come out around mid to late 2021. Another massive rumor that was hovering near the matrix universe a few years back was that Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther, Creed, Fruitvale Station) would be portraying either Morpheus or some descendant of Morpheus. I personally think this would be a huge get for Wachowski and the franchise, but I find it highly unlikely now. His stardom has grown exponentially over the last two years alone and has quite the full schedule over the next few years. However, he did sign a first-look deal with Warner Brothers themselves earlier this year so it isn’t fully out of the realm of possibility. Some think that Wachowski may be going back to the basics of the first movie as well since Reloaded and Revolutions underperformed when compared to the original. This would call on more of the matrix itself, and potentially even more of the underlying philosophy of the series as well. 

So whether you take the red pill or the blue, expect Warner Brothers and Lana Wachowski to learn from their past mistakes and bring an epic fourth Matrix movie our way over the next year or two. Thanks for the read, and be sure to leave all of your ideas, takes, and rumors in the comments section below!

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