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‘Mel Brooks: Unwrapped’: HBO release date and official trailer

“One thing I don’t like: is any kind of glitter.”

HBO unveiled the official trailer for a documentary following the life of legendary comedian Mel Brooks, called ‘Mel Brooks: Unwrapped,’ which will premiere Friday, December 13 on HBO.

“A look back at comedy icon Mel Brooks’ legendary career in both film and television. At the age of 91, Mel Brooks is unstoppable, with his musical Young Frankenstein opening to great critical acclaim in London in late 2017. Alan Yentob visits Mel at home in Hollywood, at work and at play,” says the official synopsis.

The biopic looks back at Brooks’ life and career. It’s a feature-length extension of the BBC short production Alan Yentob did for the BBC. It will show us some personal time Yentob spent with Brooks telling him stories and jokes about his career. From his first hit, ‘Your Show of Shows’ and his unforgettable films such as ‘Young Frankenstein,’ we’ll see how Brooks turned out to be one of the most influential comedians of all-time. Sounds like a nice plan.

Yentob has been filming Brooks in personal conversations and fake funny interviews from 1981. Combining that legendary material with present-day conversations with Brooks and some of his best collaborators, the special will fill us with some of Brooks’ best anecdotes and on his daily life. One of the parts shown in the trailer is Brooks’ visit to Carl Reiner, a long-time friend of Brooks who calls him “the funniest human being in the world.”

Enjoy the trailer below:

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