Metatron’s Cube: Symbolism and Meaning

The Metatron, also known as the Metatron Cube, is a potent symbol within sacred geometry. The Metatron represents all things that exist in the known universe, no matter how great or how insignificant, and the unending flow of energy between everything in the universe.

Sacred Geometry

The symbol comes from sacred geometry, which is the study of the shapes and mathematical formulas that appear in nature to understand what they reveal about the universe. This belief stems from the observation that the same geometrical shapes and numbers appear repeatedly, but apparently randomly, within nature.

One important element within sacred geometry are Platonic Solids, named for the Greek philosopher Plato. Platonic Solids are polygons that can be made with the same shape as all of their faces.

There are five Platonic Solids, each of which was associated with one of the elements that the Greeks believed composed the universe:

  • Tetrahedron: four triangle faces associated with Earth
  • Cube: six square faces associated with Water
  • Octahedron: eight triangle faces associated with Air
  • Dodecahedron: twelve pentagram faces associated with Fire
  • Icosahedron: twenty triangle faces associated with Spirit

The Platonic Solids are the basic elements that compose the Metatron.

The Symbol

The Metatron symbol starts with a central circle. It is surrounded by six further circles of the same size, forming a flower shape. Each of these circles then has one circle of the same size extending from it. This makes a total of thirteen circles.

The circles are connected a series of straight lines, which form the shapes that make up the faces of the Platonic Solids. In this way the lines represent how the energy of the universe, represented by the Platonic Solids, flow between all things.

When looking at the symbol, it is easy to see the way that all things are connected, and how pulling on one string will affect everything.

The Name

The Metatron is named after one of the thirteen Archangels mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. The circles are thought to represent the Archangels, with Metatron as the central node.

Metatron was chosen as the patron of this symbol as he is considered the guardian of the Tree of Life, which is another symbol of the interconnected nature of the universe.

Metatron is also interesting, as he does not seem to be your typical Archangel. Angels are described in the Bible as semi-divine beings, and another race made by God separate to mankind. But Metatron is actually described as once having been a man, the prophet Enoch, who was then risen to angelic status when he died and ascended to heaven. In this way he is another symbol of the transformation and unending nature of energy.


The Metatron Cube is often used as a meditation aid. Following the lines of energy through the pattern can be relaxing and help clear the mind. In this state of calm and tranquillity, the meditator is then able to go deeper within themselves and gain greater self-awareness.

Within sacred geometry, the Metatron is also thought to both conduct and repel energy. It is believed that if your focus on the symbol and imagine it rotating clockwise, it will allow you to disperse negative energy, and also pull positive energy from the universe into yourself.

The Metatron

The Metatron, or Metatron Cube, is a potent symbol in sacred geometry that represents all things, and the energy within the universe that connects all things. As such, the Metatron is considered a strong energy conductor, capable of dispelling negative energy and attracting positive forces.

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