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Millie Bobby Brown vs Filipino Folklore Monsters: Let’s see if she can take them down, too!

Yeah, alright, she can probably kill a Demogorgon while she’s asleep and a Mind Flayer before breakfast but can she take on creatures of the night from Filipino Folklore?

Millie Bobby Brown vs. Philippine Monsters

Move over, Mind Flayer. Millie Bobby Brown's fighting the new monster in town: the manananggal.

Posted by Netflix on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

To promote the series’ third and latest season, Netflix released a special video featuring Eleven from the hit series Stranger Things. The demographic of Filipinos watching the series must be so incredibly high, Netflix just could not hold it in to treat them with dessert, perfect for those who have just finished watching the season finalé. Anyway, if you are interested in watching the special, just click on the video above!

“Since I’ve been known to take down a Demogorgon or two,” said MIllie. “I thought I’d try to take some of THEM on.” ––referring to the monsters of Philippine folklore.

Those who took part in producing and writing the video weren’t too forgiving of the child star as they featured trademark creatures including the manananggal, tikbalang, and the dwende amongst all others.

Evidently, the mananananggal has struck her the most and here I am to ask: who wouldn’t? “A beautiful female by day, vampire-like creature by night. She flies around looking for sleeping pregnant women and sucks their babies out.” Instead of Millie using her nose bleeding powers to stop it, she even offered a solution to take down the mananananggal: by putting her in severe therapy. Yes, Millie, that’s how you educate those monsters.

Cameos also from Miss Minchin of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess and of course, who could forget the Philippines’ number 1 folklore-turned-real monster, TRAFFIC!

Millie was not the only cast member involved in a Filipino Netflix feature, even Caleb, Noah, Sadie and Gaten all had their fair share of the Philippines in the special Secret Filipino Files hosted by Tom Dela Cruz. If you want to watch the video, it’s right here!

Secret Filipino Files E03: Stranger Things 3 Cast

Four Filipino child stars ng Stranger Things, nasundan nga ba sa ibang bansa? Secret Filipino Files E03: Tokyo Edition, now investigating.🚨Abangan ang post-credits.

Posted by Netflix on Monday, July 8, 2019

Make sure to catch on the lates of Stranger Things! See you on the upside down. 😉

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