Money Heist Part 3 is Now the Most-Watched Netflix Show with Over 35 Million Views

If you’re wondering what the next Netflix hit is, then you came to read the right article. The third season of Stranger Things has deservingly put the streaming platform to the top for quite the number of months, but an unexpected show is quickly setting records left, right, and center. Surprisingly, the then-secretive being that is Netflix has revealed more viewer insight– following the recent news of the company’s current setback in numbers––revealing the record-setting results of the series Money Heist or La Casa de Papel in Spanish.

According to recent news from VarietyMoney Heist‘s Part 3 has been watched by almost 35 million household accounts in its first seven days of showing. Impressive number from Netflix, making it the second place all-time record holder for the streaming giant.

But wait! There’s more!

The series’ third act has also been recognized to be Netflix’s best first-week results worldwide EVER, for a non-English series. Part 3, in key territories around the world, has been marked to be the most-watched Netflix series or film of ALL-TIME. Over 24 million of Netflix’s household accounts finished Part 3 during the first week of its release, that’s around 70% of all users! Those numbers, though!

Not taking away from the Stranger Things crew and their very well-deserved 40 million watchers for the series’ first four days, of course. Money Heist Part 3 includes eight episodes, enough for you to quietly binge-watch in the night. Per Variety, La Casa de Papel has already launched production for Part 4. Woohoo!

Part 1 of Money Heist premiered in December of 2017 with the second part releasing just four months after, April of 2018. Part 3, though, released quite a few millenniums after on July 19, 2019, giving those who are interested in watching to finish it the same way your neighbour did––addicted.

If you’re a little bit unfamiliar of the whole jig, let me introduce you to your next binge-watch! Basically, Money Heist is pretty much what the title suggests––a good ol’ heist drama. It starts with El Profesor, alongside Tokio, Denver, Helsinki, Oslo, Nairobi, Moscow, Berlin, and Rio, who are in the hostage of their lives as they put themselves inside the Royal Mint of Spain. El Profesor is the “criminal mastermind manipulates the police to carry out his plan,” as per Netflix.

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