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‘Money Heist’ Part 4: Cast, Plot, Release Date, and Rumors

‘Money Heist’ is, by far, the most successful international Netflix original. We swathe crime drama part air in July and it let us all breathless, as usual. Our favorites robbers, led by The Professor, will return to Netflix, as Part 4 was already filming before Part 3 aired but how and when will we see it?

Here, we tell you everything we know about ‘La Casa de Papel’ aka ‘Money Heist’ Part 4.

When Will Money Heist Part 4 Be Released?

There’s no official date so far but it is said to be in January 2020, which means there will be a mere 6 months between Parts 3 and 4. Also, we know the filming is already over, as confirmed by Álvaro Morte (The Professor) on his Instagram account.

“Last day of filming part 4 of Money Heist. A toast to all, the crew (the best!) you who watch us around the planet. Thanks to you all! Live long!” the August 9 post says.

It seems reasonable that Netflix rushes to release Part 4 after Part 3 had impressive viewing stats. More than 34 million people around the world tuned in to watch Money Heist Part 3. And it makes even more sense when Netflix made fans wait more than a year and a half for Part 3. This means Part 3 and 4 will follow the same scheme as Part 1 and 2, that were even released in the same year.

The show has seen unprecedented success to the point Stephen King requested a Part 4, and “joined” the show’s cast as Boston:

Part 4 will come at a time that showrunner Alex Pina is as busy as ever: he signed an exclusive deal with Netflix and is already preparing another Netflix Original thriller due in 2020.

Will Part 4 be the last of ‘Money Heist’? It seems logical. But Javier Gómez Santander, head of the show’s screenwriters refused to confirm it.

In an interview with El Mundo (translation is ours), he said “We don’t think about that. With ‘Money Heist’ we go game by game. Chapter by Chapter, sequence by sequence, line to line. There’s no other way or we’d be overwhelmed. To start you think about some general guide-points and go. If you think of the series as a whole is like seeing a 20-story building falling upon you. That’s life, if you think today about your retirement plan, you jump from a bridge. I think about paying the electricity bills and what will a character say in the next line. That’s the logic I follow when writing.”

Similarly, Itziar Ituño, who plays Raquel/Lisbon said in an interview with El País in August (translation is ours) that “we are filming Part 4 and I think it won’t finish there.” Possibilities are infinite. We could see more seasons of the show or spin offs based on particular characters.

Money Heist Part 4 Cast and Plot

There are no confirmed additions to the cast, so we are confident we’ll see the same original cast with the great additions it had for Part 3, such as Bogotá, Palermo, and Tatiana:

  • Úrsula Corberó (Tokio)
  • Álvaro Morte (The Professor)
  • Jaime Lorente (Denver)
  • Miguel Herrán (Rio)
  • Darko Peric (Helsinki)
  • Alba Flores (Nairobi)
  • Esther Acebo (Stockholm)
  • Itziar Ituño (Raquel Murillo/Lisbon)
  • Enrique Arce (Arturo)
  • Kiti Mánver (Marivi)
  • Juan Fernández (Coronel Prieto)
  • Mario de la Rosa (Suarez)
  • Hovik Keuchkerian (Bogota)
  • Rodrigo de la Serna (Palermo)
  • Luka Peroš (Marseille)
  • Najwa Nimri (Alicia Sierra)
  • Fernando Cayo (Tamayo)
  • Fernando Soto (Angel)
  • Diana Gomez (Tatiana)


Obviously, that’s counting on the return of Nairobi, who is presumed dead after being shot by a sniper in the last episode of part three.

As you may remember, Part 3 focused on the rescue of Rio and the robbery of the Bank of Spain. Rio had been kidnapped and tortured by Panamanian authorities, which leads the gang to reunite and plan an even bigger hit: Stealing the gold from the Bank of Spain.

After entering the bank, negotiating the delivery of Rio, and many other events, Part 3 ended with all-out war between the gang and national authorities.

The Professor is tricked to believe that Raquel was executed, calling for DEFCON 2. This leads the band to repel a police attempt to retake the bank with RPG’s, the first time the gang kills their enemies.

Nairobi is probably dead after being shot by a sniper and Lisbon was captured by the police while the gang believes she’s dead. The heist is no longer a heist but an open war.

When asked about Part 4 plot, creator Álex Pina only said that they would continue with what The Professor and the gang know best: surprising everyone.

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