10 Most Subscribed YouTubers and Channels of This Year

The Internet has progressed from one of the most entertaining inventions of mankind to one of the most entertaining and paying inventions of mankind. Being the most searched website, the platform has over a billion users each of whom are spending hours and hours on the video streaming platform.

It has become a platform for ordinarily creative people to become stars of their own genres. From the likes of gamers, chefs, makeup stylists, and more, YouTube has every possible topic and video at the palm of their hand. And we’re here to give you a list of YouTube channels with the most subscribers as of today and let me tell you––it’s one heck of an international list.

10. Like Nastya (58.2M subscribers)

Being one of the biggest children YouTubers on the planet as of today, the channel of Anastasia Radzinskaya first started off as a toy unboxing channel but then became a diverse channel of its own. With the help of her parents, Like Nastya became “one of the world’s fastest-growing creators, thanks to videos in seven different languages,” according to Forbes in 2019.

9. Zee Music Company (59.3M subscribers)

The channel is an Indian music company and is a subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. The channel mostly shares the latest and best Bollywood music can offer.

8. Canal KondZilla (59.3M subscribers)

And we’re back again with music. However, it’s Konrad Cunha Dantas’ channel now. A music video producer of his own and owner of KondZilla Records, he uses the platform to post all of his projects. Focusing on the funk ostentação genre, the popularity of this genre of music has treated the audiences well considering the humungous number of subscribers.

7. Kids Diana Show (59.4M subscribers)

As you can see, children’s channels are a thing on YouTube. Diana isn’t all too different, but she does have music videos starring herself and is constantly in front of the camera to highlight her life. The channel also features toy unboxing, traveling, and just normal kid fun.

6. WWE (63.8M subscribers)

WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment is the most popular sports channel on this list. With the sport existing since the dawn of time, it has pulled millions and millions of fans of all ages from every country in the world. With recaps of matches, highlights, and even full matches to watch on the channel, it gets a deserving spot on the list.

5. 5-Minute Crafts (67.5M subscribers)

Oh, will you look at that, 5-Minute Crafts on the 5th spot, how coincidental. Anyway, this channel has probably been the most convenient channel for everyone. It’s basically a DIY channel that covers anything that’s possible to be done in a couple of minutes.

4. SET India (78.4M subscribers)

This Sony-owned, Hindi-language channel is run by, well, the Indian television channel of the same name. With full episodes of TV shows alongside trailers and a bunch of clips, this channel is the epitome of what a TV channel should be.


3. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes (89.4M subscribers)

And there it is, the top three. On the third spot comes yet another children’s channel. This time, it’s an animated special for kids to learn all sorts of nursery rhymes with different ranges of subjects.

2. PewDiePie (106M subscribers)

A true legend in the platform. Felix has held his position in the top 5 for heaven knows since when. His entertaining, ecstatic, and relatable gaming and random videos are what sets him apart from everyone else in this list. By far the most famous YouTuber to exist in the platform.

1. T-Series (147M subscribers)

T-Series is a record label and film production company from India. Boasting of collections of music videos and films, clips, and trailers, T-Series is the most subscribed channel in the platform.

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