Mr. Robot Season 4 Release Date: New Trailer, Cast, Plot and All We Know

Mr. Robot centers around a cybersecurity engineer, Elliot Alderson, who has social anxiety and clinical depression. Mr. Robot, an insurrectionary anarchist, recruits Elliot to join a group of hacktivists called “fsociety”. The goal of the group is to destroy all debt by encrypting the financial data of the largest conglomerate in the world, E Corp.

In December of 2017, Mr. Robot was renewed for a fourth season but not much has come out about it yet. This is probably since the shows main star, Rami Malek, starred in the award-winning movie Bohemian Rhapsody. It was confirmed in 2018 that the show will premier in 2019 with twelve new episodes, but it’s also stated that the fourth season of Mr. Robot will be the last season of the show.

Mr. Robot has received numerous awards since it began running on USA Network. Both Rami Malek and Christian Slater have received award nominations and Malek won an Emmy for his role in the show in 2016.

In March, Malek was seen on set for Mr. Robot and the show is currently shooting its fourth and final frame in New York. In an interview with EW Malek said:

“I trust (Sam Esmail) implicitly, so if that is the way he thought he could close out this story line, then I’m with him. I can say this, it is a very impactful, emotional, and I think clearly well thought out way to end this story and this series. It’s remarkable. I’m in awe of the man and what he has done this season.”

Malek also explained that the finale was pretty wild and left his mouth gaping open. The earliest we can expect Mr. Robot season 4 is fall but no news has come out yet on the release date. There also has been no major announcement when it comes to the cast for season 4. All the regulars will be back including Malek, Slater, and Carly Chaikin but we don’t know the fate of Bobby Cannavale’s character Irving.

Good new is if you’re a fan of Fernando Vera, the guy who Elliot helped out of prison and then returned the favor by killing Elliot’s girlfriend, he will be back in season 4 according to the post-credit sequence from season 3.
The series was created, written, and directed by Sam Esmail. Esmail has a long list of productions under his belt including a new drama called Briarpatch and a miniseries based on the sci-fi classic Metropolis by Fritz Lang.
When the series debuted in June 2015 it drew in 1.75 million viewers, which surprised Esmail since he thought the show would only gain a small cult following. Unfortunately, ratings for the show did drop and the season 3 premier only gained about 680,000 views. This could be part of the reason why the show is ending with its fourth season, especially when Esmail mentioned running the show for five seasons.

Details are sparse when it comes to the fourth season of Mr. Robot and a trailer for the new season hasn’t been seen yet which is leaving a lot of fans wondering how Esmail will handle the major cliffhanger he left at the end of season 3.

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